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10 must-have packing supplies for any move

 No matter how distant you are moving, it is an overwhelming task. However, planning and having the right supplies can make the task easy.

So to help you out from the stress entire situation, we have gathered a list of 10 must-have packing supplies for any move, so let’s look at them.

1: Bubble wraps

Bubble wrap is easy to use and is available in small and large sizes according to the size of essentials. It is best to use the breakables like teapots and snow globes and other small things like decoration pieces.

For the best protection, the items should be packed inside bubble wraps facing inside.

2: packing papers

Packing paper is available in white, clean, and brown newsprints that can protect your valuables ink-free and is the best option to wrap glass wares, dishes, and small delicate items. When packing in the boxes, use the fillers around them.

3: cardboard boxes

The cardboard boxes for packing the materials come in small, medium, and large sizes. Small boxes are used for books and tools, medium boxes are for pots and pans, and large boxes are best used for heavy items.

4: moving blankets

Moving blankets are also furniture pads used to pack the furniture to protect it from getting scratched.

5: padded wrapping paper

The alternative used instead of blankets is padded wrapping paper. It looks like brown paper but comes with cushioning built around the furniture.

6: heavy-duty packing tape

To pack well and clear the heavy-duty packing tape, seal the packages and boxes.

7: stretch plastic wrap

The plastic tape looks like saran tape and comes in different widths to wrap the dresser drawers. It wraps the dishes, utensil trays, and cutlery trays.

8: marking pens for labeling

Marking the boxes with the names of things is necessary to remember what things are in the box. Label the boxes with clear names on them. Mark the arrows on the boxes to indicate the box in which direction it should be placed.

9: trash boxes

Trash boxes pack loose things that do not need careful packing. Heavy-duty shopping and tractor bags have; a larger capacity and are harder to rip, used for textiles and stuffed toys.

10: zip lock bags

Zip lock bags are the ideal accessory for packing small items like brackets, screws, batteries, hardware, and other items.


So it was all about the 10 must-have packing supplies for any move. But you can use alternative packing supplies to make your packing easy, like mattress bags, moving dish packs, and ward robe boxes.