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Frequently asked questions

Moving from one state to another in any country, especially America, sometimes seems overwhelming, whether you are covering either a long-distance or short. Without assistance from professional moving services and skilled professionals, first-time movers get confused and feel touchy; even those who have experienced the moving journey before can be more complicated.

At infantry van lines working in Florida, the moving and storages facilities and services are doing their best. They will guide you better through the professional procedures in the pre-move decision stages.

So don’t hesitate to ask more and more questions to the skilled professionals and consultants that come to your mind. We are well informed and confident in our provided services and facilities throughout the year-round. We have answered the most frequently asked questions for infantry van lines in this respect. For any question, please call at: 407-494-0469

On average, courier companies like infantry van lines charge between $175 to $350 per mover per hour for local moves. So the team offering their clients consisting of two members will cost four hours up a top minimum of $200 to $400 just for labor charges. But there can be additional charges like other existences, including transportation fees, materials, and fuel charges.

To prepare for a professional moving company like Infantry Van Lines, you will need to buy packing supplies, boxes and labels. Further, prepare appliances, and start packing at least 48 hours in advance to ensure you are prepared when the movers arrive to your residence.

The moving long-distance moves or a short distance move with infantry van line is in the higher price range because there can be additional charges and expenses like packing ad ons, transportation fees, and closing costs that one must face during the process. Luckily, you are paying the move on both sides, like labor and supplies costs.

A general rule for moving companies for a long-distance move is to cover more than 400 miles, as it is considered a long distance. A long-distance move can be a move if you move from one state to another.

Usually, the distance under 50 miles is considered the local move like an infantry van line, as the local moves are the most well-known and common type of move in the moving industry. Most of the local mover companies charge their rates on an hourly basis

If you want to know about your hired moving company is insured or licensed, the number you will be given is the evidence. You can also use this number to review the safety and protection informational data for the particular company cost transactions and operations quickly. The USDOT number usually is present on the company’s website

A cross-country move can be defined as any move across the state lines. This can be moving to a new state even if it is a neighboring state to any state across the country.

The interstate moving in America means the transportation of goods and items takes place in a state and an area outside that state, including the location outside the United States.

It will help if you did not pack while moving with infantry van lines: household cleaners, lighter fluids, weed killers and fertilizers, perishables, ammunition, car batteries, and moving documents.

All the interstate movers like infantry van lines offer coverage against items known as a released value. It covers the liability for the users’ personal property at $0.60 per pound. But it would help if you remembered that it is not a hard and fast rule for all the moving companies.

The items considered to be the fragile are the things that come with high values and are breakable, like dishes, fragile furniture, artwork, mirrors, and frames. The professional team of infantry van lines uses the most advanced sources and ways in the industry to ensure the safety and protection of your things.

The terrify provisions in the infantry van lines need the charges and costs to be paid before your consignment is unloaded to its final location. The payments to infantry van lines can be made by cheque, cash certified cheque, or mail. The additional ways include advanced solutions like credit cards.

No, the company doesn’t need to compensate you for your damages, depending on various circumstances. If the mistake is on behalf of the moving company’s staff, then the company is liable for the damages as it is insured.

There are three types of coverages that the infantry van lines offer:

Limited liability

Added valuation

Full value coverage