Infantry Van Lines

Help War Veterans

Committed to Help War Veterans and Their Families

The world is a giant playground for the young generation. Who will lead the future? The answer is obvious, our brave men and women sacrifice themselves to keep us safe! We wanted to help in any way we could, but we weren’t sure how to do so. As a small gesture of appreciation, we offer a 5% discount to all war veterans through our business.

Our soldiers are our pride, and we must support them. At Infantry Van Lines, we are committed to helping our troops and their families. For this purpose, we donate 5% of our profit each month to the welfare of soldiers and families of martyrs. We want to give a happy and prosperous life to our heroes.  

Infantry Van lines support our veterans by coming out and cheering the 50-mile finishers. Our company is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring, embracing, and supporting War Veterans and their families. 

We believe there is no better way for businesses to reach our target markets than through working with veterans within their ranks. The fact is that Veterans on staff make a company better by bringing more than just experience to their jobs.  Together we can support the families of the fathers, mothers, and children of those who bear the sword for their nation.

Our objective is to help war veterans and their families who have fallen on hard times. We provide the necessary funds to support our troops and their family members so they can enjoy their time. The soldiers who lost their lives serving us and their families are our responsibility. We are bound to help the families of the martyrs. That’s why Infantry Van Lines reserve 5% of the profit and try to work for the betterment. 

We are dedicated to assisting veterans and their families. It aims to provide veterans with the tools to build a better future for themselves and their families. The charity strives to support veterans financially, socially, and mentally through several mechanisms.