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How much does a moving company cost in 2022?

The appointment of professional movers for any local move would cost from $300 to $3,500 totally on the extent of the move. Long-distance moving companies‘ costs by mass and values may range from $2,500 to $11,600 depending on the move’s extent and location. Cross-country moving expenses are relatively much more than moving to a local state.

Budgeting the expense of a move is delicate. We have used up years of evolving expense analyst procedures and moving expense checklists to effort and equal the expense of moving. The table below will look at basic rough choices for local and long-distance mover costs. However, the best movers do not make their guesses completely accurate. The moving guess computer form is available at the upper of the page with a much exact breakdown of moving expenses.

How much do local moving companies cost?

If you are moving down the slab or within a similar city, local moving companies would cost you with hour rate from $65 to $250 per hour or may be different. The hourly moving cost work on the number of staff requires finishing the assignment.

A small one-bedroom bed-sitter classically needs 2 workers and consumes 2-3 hours to finish with a moving cost guess of $295 to $732. Similarly, a large 2-3 bedroom home would have to 6-10 hours, needs 3-5 workers, and pricing $750 to $3,203 actual for the day.

Local Moving Company Pricing (Updated 2022)

HOME SIZE  AVG. TOTAL            # OF MOVERS         COST/HOUR            # HOURS

Studio                        $295 – $612              2 movers                    $95/hr                         3 hours

1 Bedroom     $401 – $732              2 movers                    $95/hr                         4 hours

2 Bedroom     $750 – $1,935           3 movers                    $122/hr                      6 hours

3 Bedroom     $1,020 – $3,203       4 movers                    $156/hr                      7 hours

4 Bedroom     $1,230 – $4,950       4 movers                    $156/hr                      9 hours

5 Bedroom+  $2,100 – $6,555       5 movers                    $199/hr                      12 hours

How much do long distance movers cost?

Long-distance moving companies cost by the number of household items you are moving and the covered distance. The estimated cost of moving a house long distance may cost from $920 to $15,000+ depending on the move’s extent and distance. Most well-known moving companies provide you with a cost-free budget on the phone or during a home visit.


A little one-bedroom would classically consider around 2,000 pounds and expense; however, from $900 for a limited hundred miles and for a cross-country move, it would 3,500USD. Or a 2-3 bedroom, 2,000 square foot would typically weigh 5,000 pounds and will charge $1,900 to $9,000+ subject to the distance.

Here is a list of the good long-distance moving companies from different moving services.

Long Distance Mover Pricing (Updated 2022)

1 BEDROOM            2 – 3 BEDROOMS                           4 – 5 BEDROOMS

<50 miles                   $401 – $612  $750 – $3,203           $1,230 – $6,555

250 miles                   $920 – $2,700$1,900 – $4,815      $2,750 – $9,700

1000 miles+              $1,900 – $3,925$3,320 – $9,800   $4,950 – $15,100

2500 miles+              $2,900 – $5,800$4,410 – $12,700$8,400 – $17,800

*Moving company price rate shown are very lumpy guess working experience cost info. Rates and accessibility have been pretentious by the COVID-19 pandemic and may not be shown in these estimations. The real expense of your move would differ. The right method to access correct rates is to demand a cost free price from a expert moving company.