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How to get a PO box when you move

If you want to move to any other city and have to locate your new home, you should have a PO box address to get all essential mail. This is the best chance to handle it as most people often forget to think about it while moving.

If you want to know more about it, keep reading about how to get a PO box when you move.

What is a PO box?

PO box is an abbreviation of post office box, which are locked boxes with addresses at a local post office. Typically the PO boxes work on rent for businesses and individuals. If you do not get your mails for any reason, the PO box can help in receiving all the mails with safety and security.

How to get a PO box online

Follow the below steps to get the PO box online:

  • Search for the available PO box in the new location where you are moving to
  • Select the rent duration for your PO box, as you can rent for three, six to twelve months
  • Sign up for a USPS account and start to apply for it
  • Pay with the credit card online
  • Take the complete printout of the application form and the payment receipt to your email address. The post office will verify the application data and information within three business days
  • Along with your application form, go to the post office and two sources of identification to get the mock combination and key for your new post office box

How to get the PO box in person

Getting a PO box number online is very convenient and easy. However, you still have to visit the post fice physically at the required town to begin using the PO box number.

So follow the below-given steps for this process:

  • To print out the USPS form, click on the official website and fill it out manually
  • Submit the application form to the post office where you want to get the PO box on rent. Here also, you have to provide the two sources of identification and make the payment
  • A new address for the PO box will be provided to you, your address will be verified, and payment will be received by USPS service

Pros and cons of PO box


Permanent address

Secure mail pick up

Professional address to get your mail

Delivery time does not alter


Does not have enough space

You have to pick up mail physically

24 hours service is not available in some areas


Getting the new PO box while moving to a new city is important. It is essential for those involved in business or projects to get informed in time about their emails. So follow the above two methods for updating your PO box number while moving to a new city for secure and safe receiving of mails.