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How to tape moving boxes

Packing the moving boxes in the process of moving is sometimes an overwhelming task. Being an uphill and nerve-taking task, one should carefully pack the boxes and secure them using tape. Preparing the box for moving requires many steps, and taping and sealing it well is the last step.

Taping the box seems straightforward but should be done with extra care and attention because doing it incorrectly can waste time and money. Ultimately, the way you opt to tape the box can define the difference between a smooth and safe relocation and a moving disaster. Call at: 407-494-0469

How to tape moving boxes

When you have opted for the accurate tape to seal your box, you should know how to use it.

So follow the below-given steps to seal your boxes to ignore the damages, and the boxes should withstand the rigors of moving.

1: lock the bottom of the box

Before you prepare the box for moving, make sure that it comes with a strong base so that it won’t burst or collapse under the weight of the things in it. It will help if you also tape the bottom of the box to be on the safe side. Alternatively, you can overfold the layers in the bottom flap; the box might collapse when lifted.

How to lock the bottom of the box

  • To give the cardboard the shape of the box, fold the box. Now fold the edges into the inside of the box to down and fold the smaller edges first and then the two larger ones to make sure to connect them in the center.
  • In the center, tape the horizontal seam where the edges of the flap join so that the tape should extend over the sides of the box.
  • Fold the overhang side of the box and tape it down up to half way of the side of the box for the extra support.
  • Press the tape on the cardboard box firmly to stick well.
  • If you notice that the tape is not so wide and want to add extra security to the box фонарик на аккумуляторе, you can use two additional strips in the middle.

Professionally used methods to tape the boxes

The snowflake method

The packing of heavy items needs extra security and support. That’s why the snowflake method is used.

  • Make the figure of an X with the tape on the strip in the middle of the box, running from corner to corner in both directions.
  • Near the ends of the box, make two parallel тактичні рукавиці купити lines stick the two strips that go in the opposite direction on the long strip of tape in the center.

The H method

While packing the delicate and fragile items, the use of the H method is best to opt for as it not only grips the bottom of the box and helps купить мультитул to seal the side seams to make sure that nothing can enter the box and can damage your things.

The taping does this method at the edges on either one side of the box or the other side of the shorter vertical seams.

  • Apply the tape on one side of the seam at a distance of half the width of the tape and allow the overhanging of the tape to about 2 inches on both sides.
  • Repeat the same process on the other corner.
  • Fold the end of the tape down on the side and stick it gently on the cardboard постельное белье. Do the same steps with the overhangs.

Seal the top of the box

Now close the box’s flaps when it is filled with all items.

Press down the box’s flaps from the middle and make sure that they are closed well постільна білизна від виробника. From the center of the box, tape the horizontal seam, and the tape should go to the sides of the box.

Therefore, knowing the proper way to tape the boxes can ensure your belongings’ safety and protection, especially the fragile ones.

Have a smooth and safe relocation!