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Infantry Van Lines Scholarship Program

Infantry Van Lines is now coming on the spot to help our needy students by granting a 1000$ scholarship. To avail of this scholarship, you have to have your graduate degree with a 3.00 CGPA. We do everything on merit so that selection will be made on merit. If you fall under our eligibility criteria, you will get the chance to get this scholarship and continue your studies without any financial issues. 

Our Mission is to Make our Students Feel Stress-Free

Many brilliant students cannot pursue their higher studies due to financial conditions. As a company aim to provide the facilities to them and help them carry on their studies. Our company grants a $1000 scholarship to the students who earned a 3.00 CGPA in their graduation. 

Why are we doing so? We are helping our students because we are aware of the importance of education in society. We aim to bring the talent of our country on the front foot. That’s why our purpose is that no one should have to give up their studies just because of financial issues. 

We wanted to do our part in helping students. That’s the reason we have started this massive scholarship program. What are you waiting for if you think you have passion, are a brilliant student, and fulfill the eligibility criteria? Apply for this scholarship and study like a champion without any worry.

Eligibility Criteria and Process

As we have elaborated above, you should have a minimum 3.00 CGPA in your graduation if you want to apply for this scholarship. If we talk about the process of applying for this scholarship, it is pretty straightforward. After the application process, the selection will be based on merit, so you have to have everything up to the mark. 

Here are some simple steps that you have to follow to apply for this scholarship. We have mentioned some basic questions that you have to answer in the application form. Here are some example topics that you may have to face. 

  • Your residence, and a few points about explaining yourself
  • Your Field of Study and background
  • In which field do you want to continue your study
  • Why do you want to get this scholarship
  • How will you help society after getting this scholarship? Are you willing to help others after completing your studies

If you require this scholarship and want to get it, you can fill out the form and apply for it. After reading the form, you can determine whether you are eligible for this scholarship or not. We will take a detailed look at every application we get to write your information accurately and precisely. 

Save The Date

You can send us your information at before October 15, 2022, or visit our website to get more information. You can click on this link,

About Us

Do you want to know who we are? We are a moving company in Florida providing moving services to everyone. INFANTRY VAN LINES aims to help the people move their goods from one place to another safely. We are currently a thriving and highly-demanding company. Our community has played a vital role in making us a prominent company. That’s why we want to help our people for better living. 

The students are the backbone of the development of any country. We want to help them and grant them a scholarship to pursue their higher studies.  You can visit our website to know more about us. We believe in our skills and are pretty sure we can fulfill the moving needs of everyone.