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Moving damages

The damages in the moving companies in many different situations are a must. No company can claim it fully that the damages to clients’ properties cannot happen. At infantry, van lines in Florida are efficient and attentive while completing all consignments assigned. To offer a high level of shield and safety, they work with passion and hard to offer a problem-free moving experience.

Still, as it is a process done by human beings and mistakes can happen for must, it will be better to be adequately prepared to handle the un expectations. The chance of moving damages or loss can never be removed to the full extent. For that reason, the company’s infantry van lines offer a wide range of valuation coverage and the easy-to-access process to come up with claim damages.

Aware of rights of clients

According to the rules prescribed by the Federal motor carrier safety administration, any moving company is not allowed to have the signed receipt of the customer, which release the mover from all the responsibilities and liabilities for damage or loss while moving and shipment. So it will be in your favor not to sign any receipt that does not show that you are signing such a document that exposes the excellent condition of the consignment except that is mentioned in the document of shipping.

The rates of insurance for different insurance companies are different. If you opt for complete value protection or additional coverage, you should read the bill of lading for must. The information and data about your liability to the mover will be detailed in the document. As a user or client of the infantry van lines, you have the right to claim the loss or damage within the specified time if you have any loss or damage in your shipping process.

However, you are liable to pay for the move within a specific period

Insurance and valuation coverage deals

As you know, infantry van lines are the local and long-distance movers in Florida who always satisfy and patronize their clients in every aspect and deal. They aim to satisfy and protect the client’s items in the move to a greater extent. So rely on us to offer you a seamless relocation and moving process that fulfills your requirements and perfectly fits your budget.

To satisfy and protect our clients, we provide various valuation coverage deals:

  • Full value protection

The liability coverage has the 100% per item until and unless the high value and fragile items mainly come under the additional valuation coverage.

  • Released value protection

With no extra cost, liability coverage of $0.60 per pound per item comes under the released value protection.

  • The third-party moving insurance

When an outside insurance provider offers liability coverage for items.

The infantry van lines offer complete value protection and released value protection. The last option can only be offered by the insurance company or a third-party insurer that is only certified or licensed to sell the moving insurance.

Moreover, the total value coverage or released value coverage can be used for long-distance moves, local movers, and the moving between the various states of America. For the exceptionally high-value items, the infantry van lines provide additional coverage if you want to opt for increased protection. They can advise opting for third-party insurance providers.

For any types of moving damages

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