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What size moving container do you need

 The affordable alternative for hiring professional movers is moving containers. If you do it correctly, understanding the size of the container you need can solve your problem of packing in your moving process. While overestimating the space, you require can charge you more than the normal amount.

So if you want to know what size moving container you need, keep reading this valuable information.

Sizes of moving containers

Some of the moving companies provide only one size container, which needs the order of various containers. At the same time, other companies offer a wide range of container sizes, while pods are most common in use these days.

Moving containers with PODS

There are three sizes offered in PODS containers, as it gives a wide option for every type of move, big or small. These containers are made of steel metal with the aluminum outside.

7-foot moving containers

For moves with small volumes, the 7-foot containers are sufficient as these are equivalent to 10 feet rental trucks. So you can opt for 7-foot containers for college dom moves or apartment moves.

12-foot moving containers

For 3-bedroom home, 12-foot moving containers are the best option. It comes with 689 cubic feet of packing space. You can pack the essentials for your office, large apartments, or a small home.

16-foot moving containers

For moving huge homes, 16-foot containers can be a breeze. The container can easily accommodate the things and accessories of three top four bedrooms as the container comes with a space of 757 cubic feet. Large offices and single-family homes can easily opt for this size without asking for extra containers, whether long-distance or small move.

Moving with U-pack containers

The U pack containers come with the 5X10 deep, 6X10 wide, and 7X9 high for bigger moves. One small size container of this type will be sufficient for smaller moves. Their enough capacity makes them a suitable option for the studio apartment moves.

Moving with a zippy shell

The 10-foot container is allowed by region, and the 15-foot container is enough for easy moving anywhere within the state. A small house or apartment is doable with zippy shell containers, as these containers are also made of metal.

Moving with a pack rat

Packrat moving containers are steel and feature embedded skids for ground clearance to protect your valuables dry in all types of weather. The pack rat containers come in two sizes, 16-foot containers and 12-foot containers.

Moving with smart box portable

The smart box moving boxes come with only one size moving container. The container can accommodate 3000 pounds and be delivered locally and long distances. These containers are made of wood.